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The Michelle Project

On the 20th August 2011 my dear friend Michelle's life changed forever. She was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Stage 4 Cancer.

Since then, I have been desperate to do something for Michelle (and her family), however, I reside in Australia and she lives in New Zealand...

So, with my background in graphic design and photography, I have come up with a project that Michelle and I can complete together that has the potential to put a smile on her face each day through her cancer treatment. A creative outlet that she can embrace and also include her two gorgeous daughters Ella (4 years) and Sari (2 years) and hubby Tommo.

It's name - The Michelle Project.

It's aim - Michelle is supplied a polaroid camera and enough film to take 1 image a day through her treatment. All images will then be posted to a special, beautifully designed website where everyone can view her images and purchase them too.

Why polaroid? good question. Firstly, Polaroid is instant, therefore enabling Michelle to create an image and having it in her hands seconds later to share with her daughters and family. Secondly, polaroid film is a little pricey, therefore Michelle has 1 shot a day, which means she will have to really think about each shot and it's composition. This will hopefully give Michelle a creative outlet and take her mind off the cancer for a few minutes (or more) each day.

Here's where you come in - with your help, Michelle and I would like to raise enough funds to get the project up and running. We require money to purchase a polaroid camera, enough film for a year and to help towards website productions costs.

If you can, please pledge some money to put a smile on Michelle's face and help her through her cancer treatment. We promise to you that it will be a truly beautiful website.

For pledges head to

All images for the Michelle Project are courtesy of Danelle Bohane

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